Residential Landscaping Services That Your Lawn Need This Spring

Make Plans Today to Prep Your Lawn for Spring

Year-round lawn maintenance is required to keep a healthy lawn that looks its best. The shifting of the seasons is usually an important time for lawn maintenance, with the transition from winter to spring being the most vital. Although spring will not officially arrive until next month, temperatures will gradually rise as the days lengthen. Now is an excellent opportunity to evaluate how the winter has damaged your grass and identify what residential landscaping services you may require to prepare your lawn for spring.

Removing Debris

When preparing it for spring, determine what your grass requires to recover after a rough winter. Snow, hail, ice, and rain all impact your lawn and landscaping and can contribute to the accumulation of debris, such as tree limbs, small shrub parts, and dead leaves.

It would help if you cleared this debris before spring arrives because you cannot begin to estimate what your lawn needs until you have a complete view. Once the debris has been removed, search for damaged areas or spots where water may have pooled. Take note of these trouble spots and watch them throughout the season to see if reseeding is required in the fall.

Fertilizing and Weed Control

Spring sunlight, warmth, and moisture are ideal for healthy grass. Weeds, on the other hand, thrive in these conditions. As a result, weed control should be included in your spring lawn preparation. Weeds can outgrow grass and compete for nutrients and sunshine. Some annual winter weeds can be a nuisance in late winter and early spring. Fertilize your lawn properly as spring approaches to ensure optimal growth at the start of the season.


Aeration is ideally done in the middle of spring, but if you are hiring professionals, arrange it beforehand so that you may have aeration done when you want. Aeration is beneficial for opening up the soil and increasing its access to nutrients and water. Aeration timing is critical because, if done incorrectly, it can disrupt pre-emergent crabgrass treatments and reduce their effectiveness throughout the season.

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